Shaman Puppet Dolls

Shaman puppets are a unique approach to interactive artwork, as they transform themselves from talismanic guardian dolls to animated counselors of our inner psyche. Drawing on inspiration from Shamanic attire and personas from around the world, Tresham creates human, animal and spirit Shaman puppets for sale and as puppet show elements. They range in size and complexity and , thus, price; and can be special commissioned. Let the Shamanic Spirit be with you - through creative puppetry.

Young Shaman

Made of deerskin, rabbit and Icelandic sheepkin with composite mache head and hand woven decor, the Young Shaman speaks with the assurance of youth about the magic of life.


Deadwood Shaman

This unique hand puppet doll is made of deerskin, faux fur with a composite mache head.  The Deadwood Shaman represents the perspective of life that has gone beyond its original state to become something else.It has seen the march of many seasons giving it the wisdom to know what is beyond the veil of youth and growth.


Rainow Shamaness

Made of deerskin, faux fur, and yarns with a composite mache head, measuring 15" tall approx.  The Rainbow Shamaness tells of tears mixed with light for all of humanity, but especially the women as humans have born much suffering over time, but continue on in the face of adversity with a positive attitude.  She guards the home and spirits from unecessary hardship.


Mayan Priestess

Made with hand woven fabrics from Mayan Guatemalan women and composite head, this hand puppet doll measures about 12" high.  She speaks from the perspective of centuries of hardship for the Mayan women after the fall of one of the greatest cultures existing in the Americas before the arrival of the Spainish. 


Wolf Shaman

The wolf Shaman is a powerful spirit ally bringing the special powers of Wolf Spirit to bear on whatever the issue at hand may be.  He imparts a sense of insight from the perspective of upholding community while maintaining personal and family freedom.  Wolf Shaman is a wise councilor with a sense of personal commitment to justice and integrity.  This hand puppet doll is about 14" tall and is made of deerskin, fur, faux fur, with a composite mache head.  Mounted on a bottle he protects the home and well being of its inhabitants.  In your hand he imparts the per


Northern Goddess Puppet Doll

A Northern Goddess is a very special spirit being able to cope with the rigors of northern life with its many challenges, while delivering a special magic of kindness and wisdom to whomever she meets.  This hand puppet doll is made of deerskin, faux fur and composite sculpted head.  She comes alive when you put her on your hand and speak from her perspective.  As a doll mounted on a bottle, she protects and guides one in their daily lives.


Aurora Goddess Puppet

The Aurora Goddess is one of the highest of the night sky spirits and directs when the Aurora Spirits do their amazing dance of light.  This hand puppet doll is made of dearskin leather, faux fur and feathers with the head sculpted of special mache clays.  It is approx 12"  high and is good for dancing and overall counseling.  Change your voice and take on the perspective of a high spirit being and see what happens.

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